Qmmp is a fast, Winamp-like music player for Linux.

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http://linuxlandit.blogspot.com – Qmmp is a Linux music player which will remind you of Winamp. In fact, it looks a lot like it and it can even use Winamp skins (as well as Xmms skins) so if you're just switching to Linux and can't give up WinAmp (although I really liked Foobar2000 on Windows but anyway), you should try qmmp as an alternative to WinAmp. Supported formats: MPEG1 layer 2/3 Ogg Vorbis Native FLAC, Ogg FLAC Musepack WavePack Tracker modules (mod, s3m, it, xm, etc) ADTS AAC CD Audio WMA, Monkey's Audio (and other formats provided by FFmpeg library) PCM WAVE (and other formats provided by libsndfile libra (HowTos)