Pyhton question

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http://www.daniweb.com – Please enter a integer for knick-knacking (pyhton question)? if the number is 1, with his thumb if the number is 2, with his shoe if the number is 3, with his knee if the number is 4, at his door this is what i have -_- def main(): again = "Y" while again == "y" or again == "Y": number = input("enter your number:") A = "with his thumb" B = "with his shoe" C = "with his knee" D = "with his door" elif number == 1: print "Your grade is A." elif number == 2: print "Your grade is B." elif number == 3: print "Your grade is C." elif number == 4: print "your number is D." else: print "Your grade is C." main() (General)