PuTTY: inputting some special characters doesn't work (Romanian)

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http://stackoverflow.com – I use PuTTY to connect to a CentOS server, and I sometimes need to enter Romanian characters from the keyboard. I use Windows 7 on the client computer; I have the server locale set up as en_US.UTF-8, and PuTTY is also configured for UTF-8. I do NOT have any issues entering characters "î" and "ă" from the keyboard, and I also wouldn't have any problems entering the legacy cedilla characters "ş" (U+015F) and "ţ" (U+0163). However, I can't enter the proper counterparts of the cedilla legacy characters "ș" (U+0219) and "ț" (U+021B). Whenever I try to use these two from the keyboard I get a (HowTos)