pure-ftpd halts after AUTH TLS if FEAT not send first

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http://serverfault.com – i have a debian 6 everything up-to-date. i compiled pure-ftpd 1.0.36 with: ./configure --prefix=/usr --with-tls --without-inetd --with-altlog --with-puredb --with-ftpwho There is no firewall. Passive Ports are set. The Certificat is self-signed. Everything works without TLS (unix authen., it's a system user /bin/false was added to /etc/shells). Connecting with SmartFTP/FTPRush/Filezilla all gives the following output: [1] AUTH TLS [1] 234 AUTH TLS OK. Timeout... for some reason lftp works with tls, local and from remote: $ lftp $ set ftp:ssl-force yes $ set ftp:ssl-protect-data $ u xx Pa (HowTos)