Programming with DBus using PyQt

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http://askubuntu.com – I'm trying to write a desktop environment that supports the global menu Before I get started with my main task In PyQt I'm trying to get the dbus code to work with QtDBus as a proof of concept. Here's the pretty-printed output and method signature I got from d-feet: GetMenus() -> (Array of [Struct of (Uint32,String,Object Path)] menus) [(60817412L, u':1.155', '/com/canonical/menu/3A00004'), (58725289L, u':1.151', '/com/canonical/menu/38013A9'), (58720393L, u':1.151', '/com/canonical/menu/3800089'), (62916305L, u':1.159', '/com/canonical/menu/3C006D1'), (54526127L, u':1.129', '/com/can (HowTos)