proftpd on debian: super user and simple users with their folder

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http://serverfault.com – hi there sorry for my english im italian. Here is what i would like to do with proftpd i have a main user: webserver group: www-data must do anything in var/www/ and subfolders ( it actually works ) Then in var/www i have two folders: www.one.com www.two.com www.one.com is defaultroot for user one (group one)... is OK www.two.com is default root for user two (group two)... is OK DefaultRoot /var/www/www.one.com one DefaultRoot /var/www/www.two.com two Now the problem: all works exept user one cant write in www.one.com and user two cant write in www.two.com seems to be normal cause all fo (HowTos)