Problems with Wine in openSuSE 11.1

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hey guys, First time posting here. I'd like to explain a problem I've been battling since I went back to SuSE. I am using SuSE version 11.1 and app Wine version 1.1.34. The huge problem that I've been having is in trying to play World of Warcraft. I could never successfully install the game, and it got to the point where I had to use my friend's Windows drive to copy the directory over from his drive to mine. Whenever I would have to get a patch, there would be some kind of a: *download or install fail error *texture read/mapping error [can't read Kalimdor_31_21.adt] *Segmentation fault / client error 9 I use wine via konsole so that i can get read out, and a lot of times I get a STUB! line which doesn't cause any issues but seems a little strange to me. I have tried so many things to handle these issues. *manually download/update patches *using the WoW included repair module *deleting the .wine directory and reinstalling *downgrading and upgrading to earlier and later versions *cause reset of folder ownership to fix previous issues by chown-ing several times I posted a bug about this in the winehq's bugzilla, but I am not getting any answers. Frankly, I'm getting wicked tired of wine misbehaving like this. I can't install KVM, and VMware refuses to work on my machine. I am NOT putting a windows drive into my computer case. Has anyone has problems like these, and if so, could give me some advice on what to do? Much appreciated, Thank you. (Distributions)