Problems with possible missing library

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – fdservices wrote:@bohoomil the original foobillard is not in AURThat's why he said get the PKGBUILD from ABS, not AUR.EDIT: ah, I see foobillard and foobillard++ are not the same.  As a handy coincidence, someone one these forums must have been looking for help with the original foobillard a while back as I do have the PKGBUILD and patch files in my ABS tree.If you want to take it over, I can upload the source tarball to the AUR and orphan it.EDIT2: nevermind.  This PKGBUILD gathered sources from ftp.archlinux.org.  They are no longer there. Trilby https://bbs.arch (HowTos)