problems getting to fedora forum

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – it might be just my , well my isp . Wide Open West ( WoW) and how THEY handle data packets . they seam to be gitting lost in some data black hole of a data que . having to "reload" or click the bookmark 15 to 30 times for firefox and seamonkey to connect here I keep getting " connecting to ... " or transferring data from ... then it hangs other times ( not often ) one click an i am here . other times a page only loads 1/2 of that page then dies . waiting 5 to 10 min for a post to show up because if i reload THAT page i loose the post . i have been putting a copy on a "new doc" in gedit -- just in case -- I do not think it is the forum , but... who knows . files on rapidshare are the worst .They have been haning part way through . it is getting a " norm" for a link in my gmail to take 15 tries TO GET HERE. well WOW is getting a call . i picked a bad time to quit smoking . on a good note i am down to 3 a day (HowTos)