Problems with eclipse and mysql-connector-java post kernel 2.6.26 in Debian

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi I use Debian testing and before and including kernel 2.6.26-2-amd64 I had no problems. After upgrading the kernel through 2.6.27 to the latest one 2.6.32-trunk-amd64 the following problems have occurred: 1 Eclipse (all versions) cannot access the network/internet) error is "Network is unreachable". As a result you cannot install or update any eclipse software. 2. I cannot access mysql database using the mysql-connector-java. No connection is made to the database. 3. In java applications the Date control gives the wrong dates in applications. I reinstalled kernel 2.6.26 that came with the stable version. When I boot 2.6.26 all the problems go away. When I boot any kernel later than 2.6.26 the problems occur on the same Debian amd64 machine. What has changed in the kernel, how can I fix it, is a bug. Every version since 2.6.26-2 gives these problems. Any help or similar problems would be appreciated. Thanks, Rob Key (HowTos)