Problems with 2 DVD drives

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I have a Dell Optiflex with Fedora 9 installed on it (and XP on a separate hard disk.) Originally it had a RW CD drive and a RO DVD drive. There is a long history of drive failures and difficulties getting both drives to work at the same time which I won't go into. But I eventually installed two DVD drives, one RW and the other RO. The RW drive was an Aptiva drive I got at Office Depot, and for some reason, it would only work properly as the master drive of the two. Its documentation says something about such a possibility if the other drive is not an Aptive drive. I am now trying to install Fedora 11 on this machine, but I am encountering difficulties with the media check. So for the purposes of installing, I removed the Aptiva and made the other drive the master drive. Then the media check succeeds, and I can proceed with the installation. My question is the following. If I get a Sony RW drive to replace the Aptiva, am I likely to avoid difficulties between the drives and not run into the kinds of problems I've described? Also, I would be interested in conjectures about the causes of such problems. (HowTos)