Problem with udev or related program?

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I'm running Fedora 11 on a Dell Optiplex. I've posted about this before as well as reporting it as a bug to bugzilla, but so far I've not gotten any help. Let me try again. I hope that at least I will get some help trying to figure out precisely what is wrong. The problem is as follows. At first, after I login, I can insert DVDs. usb flash drives, etc., and an approrpiate icon appears on my desktop, which I can then open and make use of. But after being logged in a while, that fails. When I insert a DVD or USB flash drive, nothing appears to happen. Some investigation reveals the following. Say I insert a USB flash drive. /var/log./messages shows that the device is detected and that a device is created for it. If I understand correctly, the rules in /etc/udev/rules.d should be followed to assign ownership of the device to me, and in fact this is what appears to happen if I try it just after logging in.. The device also shows up as being mounted in /media and I own the directory created for that purpose. However, as I noted above, after having been logged in a while, the assignment of ownership to me fails, although the device has in fact been created. Also, it doesn't show up as mounted in /media. On the other hand, I can mount it perfectly well as root, and access its contents thereby. If I then umount it and remove the drive from the USB port, then the device in /dev disappears. I did try reloading /etc/init.d/udev-post, but that didn't do any good. Needing to logout and login again repeatedly during a session to read or write DVDS or to mount USB flash drives is awkward, and I would like to fix this problem if I can. Short of that, I would like to debug the problem well enough to explain in bugzilla precisely what is going wrong. Any help wiould be appreciated. For example, where can I find an explicit description of exactly what is supposed to happen under the above circumstances. (HowTos)