Problem with mouse focus

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hi, I posted this to bugzilla some time ago but I guess this was not the right place to start because it has not been picked up yet. Would anyone here have any idea how to fix this issue I have with mouse focus? This is the text from bugzilla. Hi, I have used opensuse 11.2 since one day after its release and have been coming across this issue a lot. I am pretty sure it is KDE4-related, however updating KDE has not fixed it as of yet. I am currently updating KDE4 with the factory repository on a (somewhat) daily basis but the issue persists. Sometimes the issue is there from boot, sometimes it appears after a few minutes or after a few hours of use. Sometimes it goes away again by itself, sometimes it does not. What happens is that the mouse does not focus on the active application window. The mouse pointer just does not register in the active window, not on mouseover and also not on click with any button. There is usually one window or plasmoid that can be controlled by mouse and not even switching apps with alt-tab will move mouse focus away from that app or plasmoid. Even if an active window is on top of the window that has mouse focus, clicking in the top window will affect the focused-on window that is underneath. There appears to be only one way to move focus: if the focus happens to be on the taskbar-plasmoid, right-clicking on an active app will move focus to its window. Of course, after this is done you can not do it again since focus is not on the taskbar anymore. Keyboard is unaffected, the keyboard will control the active window like normal. In short, when the issue arises only one app can be controlled by mouse until I reboot (sometimes not even then) or the issue goes away again. This could be in a few minutes, a few hours or never. Thanks for reading, Mischa Reproducible: Couldn't Reproduce Steps to Reproduce: You can't really reproduce it as it occurs during normal use. There is no way to trigger it and there is not a specific situation where it occurs. However it is clear the issue arrised when: 1. mouse clicks do not register 2. mouse can not make another window active/can not bring another window to front 3. only the keyboard can control the app or switch active window Actual Results: As said, it is a general functionality issue that is not triggered (or does not appear to be triggered) by any user action. Mouse cannot move focus to another app at some point and there is no regular user action that can fix it. A mouseover will not highlight the buttons it is on, and will not change shape to show fuctionality (like, the pointer is in its normal arrow-shape and it does not change to a pointing finger on a hyperlink and it does not change to a cursor when it is over a text field). Clicking will not make the title bar change colour to indicate the active window, only alt-tab can do that. Expected Results: Normally mouse focus should follow the active app or plasmoid, or you should be able to change the active window by clicking on its title bar. Mouseover should highlight buttons/plasmoids to indicate possible actions. Mouse pointer should change shape to indicate there is "something" to be done like the hand-shape for hyperlinks or the cursor for text input. (Distributions)