Problem involving root pass (F11)

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I'm having a bizarre problem after installing from a liveCD to my laptop. It involves root password on my laptop installation of F11 (Not upgraded from F10). With the LiveCD I wasn't able to change or create a root password. I assumed that was just because it was a LiveCD and it didn't really matter. Then I install it, and now the installed F11 is having the same problem. In particular, when I su at the terminal and it asks for a password. Keyboard quits responding. It can still process commands like control C. But it won't type anything. Problem persists anywhere password is asked. Even at login screen. After reading similar threads on this forum: Yum is working just fine I have no access to Xorg I can't change gdm because I have no root access I have no access to Root now because I can't type when it prompts me Suggestions? I'm pretty new to this so it could be something painfully obvious. (HowTos)