Problem installing 11.2 on existing raid5 volume

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http://forums.opensuse.org – I currently have openSuse 11.0 installed on a software dmraid raid5 volume. Today I tried to install openSuse 11.2 instead, but I got stuck in the partitioning. I have a /home partition which is also a software dmraid raid5 volume and I want this partition to be left untouched. The problem is that the partitioning software on the installation disk does not recognize my raid volumes properly (I tried both editing the proposed partition setup and creating a new one). The only one that looks somewhat ok is the /boot partition that is a raid1 volume. The other volumes should be of raid type raid5, but it says RAID_UNKNOWN. Also the partitions on the physical HDDs (i.e. parts of the raid volumes) are only visible on one of the four HDDs. On the three other HDDs I cannot see any partition at all. Also the raid volumes were shown as both /dev/md[number] and isw_[lots of characters]. This is the first time I see that isw representation of a raid volume. When I built my raid volumes about two years ago it was only the /dev/md-versions. When I installed openSuse 11.0 (about a year ago) on this raid volume, everything was working fine, all raid volumes were shown properly and there were no isw-volumes, only the md-ones. Since it says RAID_UNKNOWN instead of raid5 it could perhaps be that the raid5 support needs to be enabled using any special command when booting from the installation disk. Anyone knowing anything about this? Or maybe openSuse has a new way of dealing with raid volumes, since I've never seen the isw-volumes before? Any suggestions? (Distributions)