Problem with gnome/login

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi I recently installed Fedora 12 on my laptop, and it worked nicely until i ran some updates from yumex. After updating i got an error-message on login, saying that some gnome module wasn't loaded properly (multiappletloader or something like that). After googleing for help to solve this, i didn't find much, but someone recommended reinstalling gnome-applets. I entered yumex, and found gnome-applets, and applied it. It did not go to remove mode, instead it installed (so i figure i didn't have it in the first place). But, when i restarted my computer, the login screen doesn't show up! All i get is the load screen, followed by the fedora 'f', and there it stays. How can i get past this? -Tobb P.S. I also get an error message on boot, saying at least "page table error" (it only flashes for <1 sec. I had this error message before the login problem occured though. ***UPDATE*** I have manged to log into fedora using command line mode, and from there starting the gui with startx. But on reboot, the login window still does not pop up. ***Resolved*** Somehow GDM stopped working (and at least two other programs (gimp & amsn) was deleted without any approval from my side..) Updating GDM made it work again.. (HowTos)