Problem with Apache and character encoding (?)

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I am having a problem with my web server. On index.html, it should say "Welcome to my website! More coming soon!" but instead, in Firefox, if I go through my server by going to eggbertx.linium.net or localhost, it shows this: ��<�h�t�m�l�>� �<�h�e�a�d�>� � �<�t�i�t�l�e�>�E�g�g�b�e�r�t�'�s� �w�e�b� �s�i�t�e�<�/�t�i�t�l�e�>� �<�/�h�e�a�d�>� � �<�b�o�d�y�>� �W�e�l�c�o�m�e� �t�o� �m�y� �w�e�b�s�i�t�e�!� �M�o�r�e� �c�o�m�i�n�g� �s�o�o�n� �<�i�m�g� �s�r�c�=�"�m�s�f�r�e�e�.�p�n�g�"�>� �<�/�b�o�d�y�>� �<�/�h�t�m�l�>� ��� � I know it isn't the file, because the file looks normal if I open it by going to /var/www/html/index.html I looked at /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf and it says that it is using UTF-8, which I'm pretty sure is normal. I don't remember it doing this before I installed kdewebdev and ran Quanta Plus, although I have no idea how it could have caused this. Has this happened to anyone else? (HowTos)