Problem after moving script from windows to linux

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http://www.linuxforums.org – Hi Josh, its probably too late to ask this question. However i am facing this problem currently. Could you let me know that how to see/remove these invisible characters. are you using a tool other than VI? Please help me out in running my scripts. Thanks. Aamer Quote: Originally Posted by kornork (Post 315786) Final Followup: I have to assume the problem with the scripts was from moving them from the other UNIX box - presumably there were some invisible characters after the first line that were causing problems or something (because I could copy the scripts from one terminal window to the other - and then they would work). As for the nohup, after I had ensured that the script, in it's entirety, without error from the perl script it called, worked, the nohup command seemed to function fine. -Josh (HowTos)