Private VLAN setup / routing (L3 Brocade FCX)

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http://serverfault.com – I'm new to networking and am working on setting up a simple flat private VLAN setup with a single Brocade FCX switch, a few hosts and connectivity from the facility. Unfortunately due to my lack of some basic understanding I'm failing to grasp a small issue. Here is the current setup: VLAN 100 (Primary VLAN) - Has a VE assigned - pvlan mapping for 101, 102 to 1/1/10 VLAN 101 (Community VLAN) - Has two hosts VLAN 102 (Isolated VLAN) - Has one host Now the PVLAN itself functions properly. If I hook up a server/PC to 1/1/10 I can see all of the broadcast traffic from the PVLAN (HowTos)