Printer scams

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http://www.linuxforums.org – I found this very interesting article about printers in the December issue of Saga Magazine - it's not in the online version unfortunately so I can't give you a link. We all know that printer manufacturers use the "Gillette" principle: sell the printer dirt cheap and then make a fortune out of selling replacement ink cartridges at sky-high prices. But apparently that's not all they do. Here are a few other tricks (described as documented or strongly suspected): 1) Using very little ink in the first cartridge - the one you get cheap with the printer. 2) Rigging the chip in the cartridge so that it reports the cartridge is empty before it actually is. 3) Putting in a dummy reservoir so that, if you try to refill the cartridge yourself, the ink won't reach the printer head. 4) Using less and less ink in replacement cartridges. I must say, I haven't had any problems. I use a Hewlett-Packard Deskjet because HP give the best support to Linux. I got it second-hand with a black cartridge and I bought a compatible own-brand colour cartridge from Tesco. I got a warning when I inserted it but it works perfectly well. But then I don't do much printing, mainly occasional sheet music. And I never have the printer switched on unless I want to use it. Anyone else had problems or been skinned? (HowTos)