Prevent usbhid from claiming USB device

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – Directly related: Prevent claiming of novelty usb device by usbhid so I can control it with libusb? I want to access an RFID reader (works as HID device) from a program that uses libusb-0.1. In the code, the kernel driver is correctly detached with usb_detach_kernel_driver_np (no errors), but is seems that whenever my program tries to access the USB device, the usbhid module reclaims it. The following error always appears in dmesg: usb 1-1.3: usbfs: interface 0 claimed by usbhid while 'MyProgram' sets config #1 I've added the following udev rule, restarted udevd and replugged the device (HowTos)