Preserving PTS info when creating TS file

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http://superuser.com – I'm trying to convert an MP4 to a TS file so that I can segment the file for iOS Streaming. I have a Video TS file (which has no audio) and a separate audio TS file. The problem I'm having is, sometimes the audio and the video would go out of sync. After doing some research, PTS has a very important role on this. So, if I run ffprobe -print_format csv -show_packets test.mp4 the result would be packet,video,0,0,0.000000,-7200,-0.080000,3600,0.040000,N/A,N/A,13154,1673,K packet,video,0,3600,0.040000,-3600,-0.040000,3600,0.040000,N/A,N/A,9227,14827,_ packet,video,0,7200,0.080000,0,0.000 (HowTos)