ppp0 and ppp1 simultaneously?

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Here's the environment: 1. My local internet provider is not giving phone lines anymore 2. Since I disconnected my old phone line, I'm stuck with no Internet 3. I'm using Edge right now, which is slow 4. I have two phones which have Edge on two different mobile networks So my question is, how can I connect both simultaneously? I have the wvdial conf right, for both the phones. Is this even possible? Here's what I have thought of: Have ppp0 and ppp1 up(which can be done, I think, will try that when I get back home) and then run some load balancing app between the two, and use aria2c as my download manager, as it will download some part of the file from ppp1 and the other from ppp0 as it breaks the file into parts and downloads it. The only issue with this approach is how to get past the gateway, because one connection uses a proxy, and the other doesn't and both the default gateways are different. Kindly give your suggestions and solutions. Thanks in advance, Pereira Jude (HowTos)