Potential new user - seeking advice

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hey guys, a Ubuntu user here, looking to see how fedora matches up. I'm trying out fedora (its installing as I type) on vmware right now before taking the plunge completely. I'm not asking whether one is better then the other (and then dealing with the ensuing flame war) but rather I'm asking for advice in where to look for resources For instance, I'm familiar with Ubuntu's apt-get, but what does fedora use. how do I add my userid into the sudo list. Ubuntu prevents you from accessing/using root but I see in fedora, no such "protection" is provided - I think that's a good thing. Another question along with some of the n00b/basic resources is how well does fedora run on a MacBook. Any insights on that, hardware wise. I got compiz running on ubuntu, is this possible with fedora. Correct me if I'm wrong, but one of the tenets of fedora is not to have proprietary code. Being that I have an nvidia GPU will that pose a problem. I'm sure I'll have more n00b questions in the coming future, thanks in advance. (HowTos)