POSTFIX: Receiving Bounce/NDR Messages

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi All, I have a Postfix Mail Server configured for sending out email via a "relayhost", however I have a small problem that I need some assistance to resolve. I am able to send emails no problems, to any account, but I cannot seem to figure out how to get "bounce/NDR" messages to be sent to the email addresses I'm using to relay the messages. My Postfix Server is NOT configured to receive inbound emails. Here is my current setup: Primary Mail Server: Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS 5) running on CentOS 5. This is my REAL email server, which has a fully qualified domain name, and utilizes DNS for delivery. This Server works great, and bounce/ndr messages are sent back to sender, as expected. 2nd Email Server: Postfix running on CentOS 5, using my Primary Mail Server (Zimbra) as it's "relayhost". I have designated an email account on Zimbra for this purpose. (eg. [email protected]) I have some scripts that will send out emails using "mutt" on my postfix server (as root), and have configured my .muttrc to set the "Reply To:" address (for root), to the valid user on my Zimbra Server. When I send emails to VALID email address, they work great, I receive them and the "Reply To:" address is correctly set, as expected. If I send an email to an INVALID email address, the message leaves my Postfix Queue and is accepted by my Zimbra Server, but I do NOT get a bounce/ndr message to the "reply to:" account, nor does it bounce back to my postfix server (which i do NOT want it to do anyhow). How can I configure postfix to alter the message envelope/header so that it sends NDR/Bounce messages to the relay account on my Zimbra Server. It seems like these NDR/Bounce go off to never ever land. Any assistance would be much appreciated... A good article that explains this would be great, so I understand what I'm doing wrong... Thanks in advance. (HowTos)