postfix, dovecot 2, mailman, dovecot-lda on same domain, config does not work anymore

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http://serverfault.com – this configuration used to work but after updating to Dovecot 2 (Ubuntu 12.04) mails to mailman get not delivered anymore: Instead of delivering to mailman, I get a bounce for non-existing user [email protected] postconf -n: alias_database = hash:/etc/aliases alias_maps = hash:/etc/aliases, hash:/var/lib/mailman/data/aliases append_dot_mydomain = no biff = no broken_sasl_auth_clients = yes config_directory = /etc/postfix dovecot_destination_recipient_limit = 1 inet_interfaces = all inet_protocols = ipv4 mailbox_command = /usr/lib/dovecot/dovecot-lda -f "$SENDER" -a "$RECIPIENT" mailb (HowTos)