Postfix and Dovecot - One user receives mail but other one not

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi All I just installed Dovecot and Postfix on my CentOS server. Now, with that, I created 2 local users that will each have a mail account. I did the following: useradd dexter mkdir /home/dexter/Maildir chown mark:mark /home/dexter/Maildir chmod -R 700 /home/dexter/Maildir and for the second user: I repeat the same above for the user 'info' Now, dexter receives mail fine into his Maildir/cur or new folder, but 'info' does not receive any emails into his folders...I checked all his folders as weel as dexter's folders, should it perhaps have ended up in there, but nothing. Also, the mai (HowTos)