Is this possible? (Floppy boot from USB, no HD)

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http://www.linuxforums.org – I was wondering if this kind of setup is possible? I'm currently running my Ubuntu Server Edition 9.10 on my old pentium III based computer. I need to run this computer 24/7 and I am annoyed with the noisy hard drive of my computer. One option is to change the HD to less noisier one, but I thought, hell, why couldn't I use a USB stick? The problem is that the computer is old, and the BIOS wont support booting from a USB device. I have read though, that one could use a CD or floppy to start the linux from a USB device. I am quite new with linux so I desperately need advice to do this. Is this even possible? What is the minimum size for the USB memory to hold ubuntu server edition? 2GB? How do I install linux to the USB stick? How do I make the boot floppy (or CD, preferably floppy though)? I would be really pleased if some linux guru could enlighten me with these. A step-by-step guide would be the best! : ) ~Murska (HowTos)