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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hello there! Two years ago I chose Fedora as my first step into the linux world. I loved it but I had to get back to windows XP due I needed a long list of software for my job. Also I had several problems making everything work properly. A year later I decided to give linux another chance, but this time I chose Arch Linux, mostly because I heard lots of good things about it. To be honest, Arch is amazing, but something inside me is pushing to use Fedora again. It is not only the look & feel (I have themed my Arch just like Fedora), it is also being part something big such Red Hat. I don't know how to explain it. I am not going to ask about the good and the bad things about Fedora. There are lots of info and reviews out there about this. But there is something that really concerns me about jump into Fedora's embrace: Stability. Fedora is well know for being a bleeding- edge distribution. It actually can be seen as if it is using users as beta-testers (read carefully, I said "as if", I am not saying it does). So here is the question: How often do you usually have problems running Fedora? Are they very big problems? Where they very difficult to solve? I am very keen to use Fedora so I suppose I am just looking for some kind words like "Don't worry, Fedora is quite stable indeed" :) Because I am asking in the Fedora forum, it is quite likely most of the replies will be positive. But, where is this bad reviews comes from then? It cannot so bad if the NASA uses it! Thank you very much in advance for the answers! (HowTos)