Possible bug related to firefox mime list

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – When I was using the gnome3->system settings->system info->default applications I notice several occurrence of firefox. So I browsed my .local/share/applications/ folder to find that sth like:userapp-Firefox-NHQB1V.desktopuserapp-Firefox-Y2ZC1V.desktop....Those .desktop file actually reflects different version of firefox:userapp-Firefox-Y2ZC1V.desktop -> Exec=/usr/lib/firefox-6.0.2/firefox %uuserapp-Firefox-NHQB1V.desktop-> Exec=/usr/lib/firefox-6.0.1/firefox %uThus I guess whenever I receive a firefox update, gnome is going to create a new firefox phantom desktop file, which is (HowTos)