Port forward to VPN Client?

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I've run into a bit of a puzzle and haven't had much luck finding a solution. Right now I am (sadly) connected to the net via Verizon 3G. They filter all incoming traffic so it is impossible for me to open ports to accept connections. I currently have a linux virtual machine at linode.com, and the thought crossed my mind to install pptpd and attempt to do some iptables port forwarding. I have pptpd installed and my home machine connects happily. That said, here's some general info: Server (Debian) WAN IP: x.x.x.x on eth0 - pptpd IP: y.y.y.1 on ppp0 - Client VPN IP: y.y.y.100 To verify I was (HowTos)