Plotting data from a text file on the desktop

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I want to monitor some simulations I run In a way similar to how text monitor display data. I can easily generate a bunch of text files or image files with the data/plot I want to follow. How can I display them as a part of my desktop background in an eye-pleasing way? I tried conky but I couldn't get it to display image. For example, following conky's wiki I have set up this: TEXT ${image /home/yotam/Downloads/images.jpg -p 20,20 -s 200x200}${image /home/yotam/Downloads/images.jpg -p 20,240 -s 200x200}${image /home/yotam/Downloads/images.jpg -p 20,460 -s 200x200} And now nothing is display (HowTos)