please assist me debug a stack trace

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http://serverfault.com – I am having an issue on a windows 2003 terminal server, where the system process is using a constantly high amount of CPU. I believe that it is the srv.sys that is causing an issue, but not quite sure how to fully diagnose the problem. I have looked at the stack for the srv.sys!workerthread, which is what seems to be using the CPU. The stack is as follows: 0 ntoskrnl.exe!KeSetBasePriorityThread+0xf7 1 ntoskrnl.exe!MiDeleteAddressesInWorkingSet+0x103 2 srv.sys!WorkerThread+0x7c 3 ntoskrnl.exe!FsRtNotifyFilterReportChange+0x10 4 ntoskrnl.exe!RtClearBits+0x24 Can anyone offer (HowTos)