Playing sound remotely?

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I'd like to ask if I can log on as user remotely and play a sound on the machine to attract the remote machine user's attention? I tried to find info via google but without much success. The idea is I am in my room, doing something and listening to rhythmbox etc; my brother logs in via ssh/bash and executes a script which plays a sound that I should be able to hear. So I want to set up an easy way for my brother to do this. I am running FC12 with pulseaudio. SE Linux policies are as out of the box. I've done some experiments: 1) When I log in remotely as myself I can $ play ./TwistedNerve.wav - levels show on console; I can hear the sound 2) When I log in remotely as another I can $ play ./TwistedNerve.wav - levels show on console; I CAN'T hear the sound So I suppose the question is - can I provide access to sound devices in my session to the remote user? Could anyone help, please? (HowTos)