"ping winpc" resolves to wrong ip address

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http://forums.opensuse.org – I have a Suse 11.2 machine named "susepc" on a network with some other windows machines. From the Suse 11.2 machine, I try ping winpc where winpc is the name of a windows machine on the LAN but the name resolves to an odd ip address: PING winpc.HOMENET ( The "HOMENET" is the correct name of the windows workgroup, but the ip address is completely wrong. My LAN is based on 10.20.x.x and the winpc ip address should be I can "ping" and it works correctly. Some things: - DHCP server is on the router - pinging from winpc to susepc works perfectly ("ping susepc" resolves to the correct IP address and the pings respond) - "net view" on winpc lists the susepc - SAMBA is installed on susepc - the Netbios name is set to susepc - I have a shared folder on susepc that I can see, create files in, etc. on winpc with no problems. - IPV6 is disabled on susepc - I have tried setting up susepc as a WINS server (Wins Support) - I have tried setting up susepc as a Local Network Browser Not sure what else to try. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, John (Distributions)