Pick the column value including comma from csv file using awk

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http://www.unix.com – Source 1 Code: column1 column2 column 3 column4 1,ganesh,1,000,1 222,ram,2,000,5 222,ram,50,000,5 33,raju,5,000,7 33,raju,5,000,7 33,raju,5,000,8 33,raju,5,000,4 33,raju,5,000,1 In my .csv file, third column is having price value with comma (20,300), it has to be considered 1,000 as single column.my output should have only 4 columns not 5 columns . $3 value should be 1000. Normally awk -F, '{print $0 }' inputfile will treat above source as 5 columns, but it should $3 value single column as 1,000. Please help me to resolve this. (HowTos)