PHPs don't run anymore

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hello, I had the following applications installed on my Fedora 12 system: Apache, MySql, Samba, PHP, phpMyAdmin, Subversion. Everything was working fine in terms of accessing my website which contained PHP scripts. However, recently, I installed Flash Media Server (FMS) for Development. FMS listens on Port 80, so I had to change Apache to listen on a random port (9996) and then I had FMD proxy all httpd connections to port 9996. However, now, I can still load the first page in my website, but when I log in, instead of running the php script, firefox opens a dialog asking me to either save the php file or open it using a program that I should choose. I wonder what went wrong. Please note that I am a beginner in Linux and I installed all the above mentioned applications just by searching the net. I turned SELinux to permissive mode. And I change the folder context type (which contains my website) to httpd_sys_conetnt_t recursively. However, I was recently playing with file contexts because I was trying to remove all SELinux warnings about samba accessing a folder that is not of type samba_share_t. Thanks in advance. (HowTos)