PHP files open blank page on browser

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http://www.linuxforums.org – Hello to all, I recently installed Apache, MySQL and PHP on Centos 5, and it seems to be installed, but then I go to the folder .../www/html and I create the usual php test file to see if is installed correctly or not. When I open the browser and write localhost it display the apache server screen....so I assume that apache is well installed, but when I try to open the test.php file of the html folder on the browser..... localhost/test.php it display a blank page on the browser....no error, just a blank page, I read somewhere on the web that I have to change the permissions to the folder, I tried with the chmod 777, 755 to the html folder and it stills shows a blank page when I open the file, then I tried with the permission chmod 644 and then it shows an error like Apache won't have the permission to display the file. I can't make php to work fine in the server...what can I do?:confused::confused::confused: thanks for your attention and responses regards, Andres Camino (HowTos)