perl segmentation fault

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http://forums.cpanel.net – i'm starting to get perl segmentation fault on dmesg: perl[6126]: segfault at 00007fffcd941fd0 rip 00002ba380943b0c rsp 00007fffcd941fd0 error 6 perl[6135]: segfault at 00007ffff55c6ff8 rip 00002b18a5ef977a rsp 00007ffff55c7000 error 6 perl[6153]: segfault at 00007fff6c1e6fb0 rip 00002b2f0c8d9b0c rsp 00007fff6c1e6fb0 error 6 perl[8789]: segfault at 00007fff891defe0 rip 00002b316727db0c rsp 00007fff891defe0 error 6 perl[8802]: segfault at 00007fffb4fdeff8 rip 00002ae490dbb777 rsp 00007fffb4fdf000 error 6 the segfault occurred right away after the server is rebooted and then at some ra (HowTos)