perl script to check read/write/execute permission for 'others'

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http://www.unix.com – I want to check access rights permissions not for 'user', not for 'group', but for 'others'. I want to do it by system command in which i want to use 'ls -l' and 'awk' command. I have written the following program : #!/usr/bin/local/perl #include <stdlib.h> system ("ls -l | awk '/^-......r../ {print $9 " is readable for others}' "); system ("ls -l | awk '/^-.......w./ {print $9 " is writable for others}' "); system ("ls -l | awk '/^-........x/ {print $9 " is executable for others}'"); I have tried most of the system command syntax, go (HowTos)