Perfect Desktop Installation: PCLinuxOS 2009.2 with KDE

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http://www.liberiangeek.net – PCLinuxOS is a free and easy to use Linux Based Operating System that is distributed as a LiveCD, but also include an installer if you want to fully install it and run it from your computer hard drive. As with all other Linux distributions, PCLinuxOS, with its dedicated community base makes its version of Linux OS as complete as it can be right out of the box even for those new to Linux.   Since its inception in 2003, PCLinuxOS has been recognized by members of the Linux Community as one of the first Linux distributions for every newcomer to Linux. Because of its radically simple design, those coming from Microsoft Windows will find it pleasing to the eye and easy to manage and learn. In this simple tutorial, I’ll show you how to download and install a copy of PCLinuxOS 2009 and some basic administration of your system.   1) The first thing you need to do is download an image from here. You’ll have to burn the ISO image to a blank CD/DVD and boot from it. If you don’t know how to burn an ISO image, click here to learn how.     2) Pop in the CD/DVD into your computer’s CD/DVD drive and boot from it. Click LiveCD and then choose your keyboard layout and continue.       3) Login to the system as root. The username and password is root. After logging in, click Install PCLinuxOS icon on the desktop to begin the installation.       4) When prompted to remove click ‘Remove Driver Now’ button. Once done click the Next button to continue.       5) Next choose to use the free space available on the hard disk. The custom disk partitioning is for advanced users only. Click Next to start the installation.       6) Here you’ll want to accept the default settings for the Boot loader and continue. The boot loader is just a small program that helps the OS to load. Click the Finish when done.       7) Remove the installation CD/DVD from the drive and reboot your computer. Once rebooted select the Boot PCLinuxOS option as shown below.       Create a user account and type the root password for the system. The root account is created by default. The root account is comparable to Windows Administrator account. It is the account you’ll use to make changes to the overall system.       9) Here is PCLinuxOS Control Center. You can configure the overall system from this panel. On the left is menu options for other sections to configure.       10) Synaptic is the default package manager for the system. From here you can install, update and upgrade program on the system. To upgrade programs installed, select ‘Upgradable (upstream) on the left and click the Apply button.       11) Firefox is installed by default with most plug-ins already installed. Flash Player is install by default right out of the box.     When you’re new to Linux the first distribution you want to start with should radically simple. PCLinuxOS is that distribution. Installing the OS is simple and right-out-of-the-box, most features and enabled. As you learn and become more comfortable with Linux, you can then move up to more complicated system designs.   Thanks for reading and hope to see you again. Join the forum discussion on this post — (1) Posts (HowTos)