Pencil Project, Its Marvellous

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http://linuxers.org – I came to know about Pencil Project through someone's tweet about a week ago. Don't remember the person, but this thing is worth trying. For starters, the Pencil Project is a free and opensource tool for making diagrams and GUI prototyping that everyone can use. And its so easy to use and understand that many of you might start using it for your day to day works. And yeah, one more little thing, its a Firefox Addon . First of all either install the addon from mozilla addons or from the project's homepage. Once you are done with the installation start the application Tools -> Pencil Project. Within around 5mins I drew this marvellous piece of art from this great application. Man! I can't stop praising it. Just take a look at its Features, try it out yourself and then you will know. Top features: Built-in stencils for diagraming and prototyping Multi-page document with background page Inter-page linkings! On-screen text editing with rich-text supports Exporting to HTML, PNG, Openoffice.org document, Word document and PDF Undo/redo supports Installing user-defined stencils and templates Standard drawing operations: aligning, z-ordering, scaling, rotating... Cross-platforms Adding external objects Personal Collection Clipart Browser And much more... (General)