Peculiar wifi connection issue: Fedora 10, Acer Aspire One and Zyxel Prestige 600

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – One for the problem solvers amongst you. I am connecting to the Internet through a Zyxel prestige 600 wireless router from my Acer Aspire One which is running Fedora 10. When I first started to use the connection in this apartment (recently moved in and the router was here already) I had no problems at all. After a week my Internet connection kept hanging. I am still connected to the wireless router but am not receiveing any data from the box. Reconnecting to the box gives me about a minute of connection and then it hangs again. My flatmate is using the same connection from her Acer Aspire 5570z running Windows Vista and has no problems at all using the Internet. I have tried connecting at the same time and with her computer switch off to see if there was an interference. I also thought about setting my mac address to the one for her network device but think this might be a bit paranoid! So it is a problem with my connection to the router not the router's connection to the Internet. If I ping the address of the router I get a response for about 7 or 8 packets and then nothing comes back after that. I am not experienced with networking or analysing connections so any suggestions at troubleshooting for this rather strange behaviour would be greatly appreciated. Furthermore, my Ascer has no issues with any other connection I am currently using, say at work for instance. :confused: Thanks in advance for taking the time to think this one through. Russell (HowTos)