Peculiar problem with samba mount. and a program

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http://forums.opensuse.org – I have a very perculiar problem with the datatransfer between a program called CFX12 installed on a Linux machine (SUSE 11.0) and a cifs (samba) mount on this machine of a shared map on a Windows server (the fileserver). These are the symptoms: - In CFX12 loading a file from the fileserver takes several tens of minutes instead of the usual (split) seconds. (I've compared it to other installs, it has nothing to do with the file) - When trying to save a file, excessive time is needed as well. - When opening a new case (document, say) in CFX12 and importing a file from the fileserver doesn't pose a problem. - When files are stored locally or on a mount referring to an other linux machine, there are no problems using CFX12. This may indicate there is a problem between the cifs mount and CFX12. - When making a symbolic link to the file on the fileserver (thus to the file in the mounted directory) and store this locally, everything works normal. However, making a symbolic link to the whole directory does not work. - The previous version, CFX11, works normally. - CFX12 installed on a windows computer works normally. - Every other way of using the cifs mount on the linux machine doesn't pose any problems. I have posed this problem to CFX support and to a forum for this program, no results thusfar. I have no clue on where to search for a solution for this problem. The setup of the mount and CFX seems all normal to me. Are there any special options or configuration for the cifs mount I should know about? Is there any way to figure out what the machine is actually doing when trying to load this file? (Distributions)