passing parameters with spaces

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http://www.unix.com – we are using following script to execute stored procedue. The problem is run_pmcmd.ksh script is using $* parameter which is not taking in account 'Men Shirt' parameter which includes spaces. 1. Step 1 Code: run_pmcmd.ksh  CONVERT_TEST script for run_pmcmd.ksh Code: /u01/$(whoami)/run_pmcmd.ksh Keae $* 2. Step 2 script for CONVERT_TEST Code: #parameters are userid, password, database, db link, owner, div, dept, style U run_convert.ksh abc desf dev sdv XYZ 'Men Shirt' 44 7542 3. Step 3 script for run_convert.ksh Code: USER=$1;      export USER PASSWD (HowTos)