Partitioning a dual-boot laptop with 32GB SSD. Advice requested

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi, I just bought an HP envy 6-1050ss. It's got a 500 GB disk + a 32 GB SSD. It comes with Windows 7 preinstalled (not 8, yay!), and I intend to keep it as a dual-boot, although my primary OS will be Kubuntu. I still depend on Windows for a few things. The current partitioning is as follows: /dev/sda1 199 MiB name:SYSTEM (bootable) /dev/sda2 446 GiB name:OS /dev/sda3 19,47 GiB name:Recovery /dev/sda4 108 MiB name:HP_TOOLS /dev/sdb1 6 GiB allocated /dev/sdb has 23,82 unassigned GiB. From what I've seen, Windows is using just 6 GiB of the SSD as a hibernation partition. The rest goes un (Hardware)