partition bad sectors off?

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Short Story: my lappy's HD is reporting bad sectors through the "SMART" thing. i'm wondering if it's possible to partition the bad sectors off so data doesn't get written to them. Long Story: had F10 humming along as fine as could be. sat down to use the machine once and i couldn't pull up HTTP. i could ping anything i wanted, trace whatever, etc. no web browsing. tried to install F10 and the machine hung when it came to writing the packages on to the filesystem. up to this point i thought i had a networking problem so i tried a netinstall of F11. installed fine but i'm getting a SMART warning in GNOME saying the drive is reporting bad sectors. i want to partition those sectors off on their own so i can make sure nothing is written on them and i don't get any whacky problems like before. i have gparted installed as well as a few other things that are escaping memory atm. (HowTos)