Parsing JSON Array with JSON OBJECT

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http://stackoverflow.com – I have some JSON with the following structure: {"cit": [ "ALL", "Aceh Barat", "Aceh Besar", "Aceh Jaya", "Aceh Selatan", "Aceh Tengah", "Aceh Timur", "Aceh Utara"]} i have try to parsing my json like this : JSONObject jsonObject = new JSONObject(result); JSONArray city=jsonObject.getJSONArray("cit"); for (int j=0; j < city.length(); j++){ JSONObject cit = city.getJSONObject(j); String kot = cit.toString(j); kota.add(kot); } on post execute : ArrayAdapter<String> SpinnerKota = new ArrayAdapter<String>(Pencarian.this, android.R. (HowTos)