Parse variable length status,timestamp CSV

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http://www.unix.com – I have the output of a process which on status change of the object being processed appends status,timestamp to the record in the text file... so i end up with output something like: Code: task123,TERMINAL,glob,5,INITIAL,2012-02-27 16:48:07,PREPARING,2012-02-27 16:49:06,SCHEDULED,2012-02-27 16:49:06,TRANSLATING,2012-02-27 16:49:07,TERMINAL,2012-02-27 16:50:52 task345,COMPLETE,glob2,6,INITIAL,2012-02-27 16:48:07,PREPARING,2012-02-27 16:49:06,SCHEDULED,2012-02-27 16:49:07,TRANSLATING,2012-02-27 16:49:22,LOADING,2012-02-27 16:50:53,COMPLETE,2012-02-27 16:50:53 what i'd like to do is (HowTos)