Parent folder inheriting Child sub-folder or file attributes without creating a new folder and copying [migrated]

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – Is there a way to change the FOLDER TIME & DATE (the attribute properties) via a DOS Batch file, VBS, PERL or a Powershell script? example: FOLDER: F1, F2, F3... SUB-FOLDER: S1, S2, S3 ... FILES: L1, L2.....Ln Say current time on folders, sub-folders and files is like this: Jan-01-2000 1:00AM Then I add a new sub-folder called S7 with time Jan-01-2001 23:00PM This should automatically show the TOP FOLDER [F1] to have attribute properties copied from the latest file(or sub-folder) time stamp.That means, F1 folder should be now Jan-01-2001 23:00PM from Jan-01-2000 1:00AM because it now (HowTos)